A Word from LeVar: Love

LeVar BurtonWith Valentine’s Day here, love is in the air. For adults, of course, the day often means flowers or dinner for husbands, wives, partners and friends, and a day filled with romance.  For children, the day gives them an opportunity to express their love and affection for many important people in their lives. Mom and Dad, grandparents, favorite teachers, best friends, and even pets.  Really what they are expressing without vocalizing it is appreciation and gratitude for those they consider special.

In many of my blogs, I have offered suggestions for how we can teach our kids, however in this one, I am actually suggesting the reverse.  We can learn from them that love and appreciation goes well beyond our soul mates and can be extended to a much greater universe of people. This year, let’s reach out on Valentine’s Day to friends, colleagues, neighbors, mentors and others who have made our lives richer for being part of it.

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